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Dakota Odor Bomb Trick



Hey Adams Forum Members,

I had a neice that spilled some milk under my daily drivers back seat.This had happened early spring so the smell had reached a point where I tried everything.I shampoo'd all my DD carpet (Stanley Steamer with Professional cleaner),washed and scrubbed the area with APC cleaner (full concentration),tried spray odor eliminator's (3 different one's).



I have been thinking about using the Dakota Odor Bomb that I purchased a couple weeks back.The only problem is, there is no info from "DOB" company on applications using their product in automobiles.They tell you how to deodorize a 6000square foot room,but nothing auto.


I was concerned about the product discoloring or staining my vehicle's headliner,leather seats,or any other interior part,for that matter.

I started a plan in motion:

I took an edged (raised sides) rubber floor mat (easy cleanable)

Grit Guard (keep product off the vehicle's floor)

and a cardboard box that I poked many hole's in (product to breath and be effective)


And guess what,IT WORKED 4_1_218.gif


The floor mat was cleaned with a soft scrub brush and APC,the Grit Guard the same way,and the box thrown in the garbage can in the garage (My garage even smell's good,LOL)


Those that have that smell problem that just won't go away:




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