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Americana Shelf Life?



I've had my Americana for about a month now and I keep it in a cool location. I have used it 3 times (2 Coats on my Truck, 1 on the Car) and have used very little, since your supposed to do thin coats.


So my question is, how long will this last before it starts to go bad in some kind of way?


I am thinking I could have this tub for upwards of 4 years depending on my future vehicles and if it goes bad.

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I still have my 3 tubs that were poured to test the scents, before we introduced the product. They all work well, and I use one on my classic Schwinn Collegiate today!


If you keep it stored well, The Americana Paste should last 3-5 years, at least.



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If you keep it stored well, The Americana Paste should last 3-5 years, at least.



Adam, could you define stored well?


I keep mine in a fridge set to 50 degrees in the summer and plan to keep it down the basement this winter.

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Here's what Adam said in a previous thread.


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<HR style="COLOR: #999999; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #999999" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->This might sound like I'm taking sales away from ourselves, but I recommend buying car care products like you would buy bread.


Small quantities, as you need it. If you won't use up a gallon within a year, get a 16oz bottle!


Car care products are most effective if used within 12-24 months of the mfg date. (chemicals change, especially during temp changes.)


Hope this clarifies John!


Thanks, Adam:)

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But is that for a paste wax though? I mean Liquid and Paste are sometimes different....


Unless Paste melts.


I've had my Americana for over a year (since middle of last August) and sadly I didn't use it as much as I should. I still have a ton left. However, I can't tell any change from new, except that it is pulling away a bit from the sides of the container. Maybe it was drying out? I don't know, but it seems just as easy to use as it ever was. It is at all times sealed with the lid on tight, and in a temperature controlled environment (my spare bedroom). This summer when I was gone for weekends (that's what happens when my fiancee is 2 hours away) I would set my A/C to 85 so I'm sure the Americana has warmed up a bit and then cooled off, but no worse than when you have it outside in the shade and it warms and cools.


My WW, which I purchased at the same time, maybe a little paler blue, but it works fine, doesn't separate and still smells like pina coladas.


That's been my experience! The rest of my collection has been growing over the last month so that doesn't help any.

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