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A Detailer is Born... Cristiano Pitale..7lbs 14ozs!


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Friends, what a month it's been, and thank God my wife gave birth today!


Due date was Sept 18, and 10 days later, Melissa had a castor oil milkshake for lunch, Dr's orders. Yuck!!


Three house later, at 3:45 today, her contractions started, and by 5:30, Melissa was like, "Babe, it's time!!!!" 15 minutes later, we were at the hospital, thanks to our controller, Patti for racing over to look after our daughter, Luca!


By 6:45, the little guy was born. My wife, she is amazing.


Going to sign off now, and I'm still in shock watching my wife give birth in one big push! Amazing. What a miracle, and thank GOD everyone is healthy.



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Congratulations to the Pitale family ! !:party:

And :welcomebanner:Cristiano


So glad that everyone is doing well! :thumbsup:


Bet you are glad that is over, you were ready that day I was over and that's been like two weeks or so.






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