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Big ol + to amazon.com customer service.

NightMare Silverado

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Ok so I went to order a new knife last knight but my card was declined, was like whatever I'll order tomorrow when I know I have funds. So I made a new order this morning and thought it was done. had a little over 100 in my account and got a txt from the bank saying I was under my 50$ warning mark. Thought what checked my bank online and there was a second charge from Amazon... the declined charge suddenly went through.


hopped on my account and hit the call me now button within 20 seconds I was on the phone with a CS guy and he promptly apologized for the mishap and canceled the transaction. aside from Adams Ive NEVER had something fixed that fast especially over the internet/phone much less in person.


granted I need to wait about 24hrs for my money back but I'm not too pissed.

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