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There is some play!


What to do on board a warship after a month or more of battle problems and damage control exercises?


Why you hold a mini-golf tourny as you make your way home. Plenty of room to layout 18 holes through out the ship. Rules are simple, you have to make your own club and ball, strokes are sort of counted but there are no mulligans for the ship taking a heavy roll.


Entry fees are around $10, all proceeds going to the ship's designated charity.


Course designers are required to use their inginuity for getting over and around obstacles the naval architects built into the ship.


Suspension bridges made from empties are one example........:lolsmack:



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All the times we have done that, I don't know if anyone has been declared a winner. We spend so much time pinging off each other about lousy or stupid lucky shots that no one really keeps score. Besides, it would be embrassing to turn in a score card for mini-golf that ran into triple digits.......LOL


Kills a few hours on a quiet Sunday at sea and raises a grand or so for chairty, so I guess they are the winners.



When I get home I will upload some pics of our soapbox derby races. We do have winners in that time killer.

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