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My DD Charger


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Well..it was time to give my Charger some lovin'. I hadn't given her the full Adams top to bottom or any PC time either. Granted she's stayed in pretty good shape since I got her last year so I didnt have any major corrections to do..just a couple scratches and some very faint swirls.



1. Started with wash using dawn/water then dried

2. Clayed entire surface with Adams claybar and Detail Spray

3. Slathered on a thick layer of Adams shampoo using their foam gun. Then did the tires/wheels with APC + GWC. Finished wash with two bucket setup and Adams wash mitts.

4. Dired using Adams super white drying towel...and pooling technique. She was dry in a jiffy.

5. Began paint work..most of car got 1 section pass with 3 drops of SHR + orange pad followed up with 2nd section pass with a spritz of DS on the pad.

6. Orange pad followed up with 1 section pass + 1 DS spritz of white pad + FMP. She was polished up real nice by this point!

7. Next came a nice coat of MSW using Adams gray pad and then buffed off with the thick as ever super white polishing towel.

8. Cleaned the windows with Adams window cleaner and silky blue towel and dressed tires/trim with VRT..OF COURSE!


So..my baby is cleaned up and waxed up for the upcoming winter. I plan on putting some new Americana on her soon..if the rain stops again. But..all in all i think she looks real nice for a daily driver!


First up 3 shots of the hood






Some shots of the doors (note the looming never ending grayness in the sky)













And lastly...



I'll post some post Americana pics this week (hopefully if the sun shines for me).:2thumbs:

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