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After doing my Charger Friday night/Sat morning, my daughter drove my brothers Murano back from college Saturday to see what I could do with it. Initially the plan was to work what I could on his hood. About 3 months ago during a wind storm some of the shingles off his neighbor's roof blew off and as luck would have it..one landed right on his hood/windshield..and it wasn't pretty. This after having only had his new truck for less than a month. And..due to it being an act of nature..the insurance company wouldn't cover it.


So..anyways..it arrived and after taking a look at it the damage from the shingles was real bad. Windshield has loads of scratches and the hood scratches were all pretty deep. Had a been a wet sander I maybe could've salvaged it but an hour and a half with the yellow focus pad, and orange pads didnt' put a dent in most of those. The other discovery I made though was that his entire truck was covered with easy 1,000+ scratches..it was ugly! Now mind you this is a truck that's no more than 5-6 months old. So after failing to do anything with the shingle scratches I moved on to what ended up being about 9 hrs of detailing and PC work. In the end she's back to a shiny truck (well except for the hood that will need further attention). But I had to go 3 passes per section with the orange pad, a few spots with the yellow focus and 2 passes with the white + FMP. I'd say it's back to about 95%. I told him I'd need it for the week if he wanted it close to 100%.


I followed the same steps as I did my charger (all Adams products except the dawn)


1. Dawn wash/strip rinse and dry

2. Foamed up with foam gun and car shampoo

3. washed/cleaned tires with APC and GWC

4. washed foamy truck with shampoo 2 buckets and washmitt

5. dried with super drying towel

6. 4 section passes with orange + shr (some areas needed yellow focus pad..used it both on drill and on PC). Definitely heats up using drill but i kept it moving. Results wise maybe saw slightly faster results using drill but pc wasnt far behind and no risk of overheat.

7. 2 section passes with white + FMP

8. coat of MSW applied with gray pad removed with super plush white towel

9. windows with window cleaner and blue window towel..then buffed clean with thin side of older model white towels (with silky white edging). This combo worked stellar for cleaning the windows...highly recommended.

10. tires/trim with vrt

11. interior leather seat/dash with leather/intererior cleaner

12. interior door trip with waterless wash and ww towel

13. interior windows with GC and blue gc towel


Took me most of the weekend but the hood and rest of the truck turned out pretty good if you could imagine those horizontal scratches ALL over the truck.


I talked to my brother lastnight to give him the report. Told him I spent close to 9hrs on it to which he replied...9hrs? WTF..i thought it'd only take you an hour or two tops. :mad: After discussing this incredibly bad horizontal scratchign everywhere he informed me he had been taking it through the local delta sonic car wash since he got it..and NOT choosing the touchless package. So..that explains that! He now knows to never do that again. I also suggested waxing the car occaisionally to which he replied..."wax..hah.i've had my van for 6 years and accord for 4 and neither of them have seen wax yet..but you're welcome to do those next". Since I'm always up for a challenge..i said..sure, but maybe we wait til next spring.


Here's the pics. Saddly all but 1 of the pre shots didnt turn out to anythign other than a blurry mess. But the one shot that did..well..it speaks loads of words. Envision all that scratching EVERYWHERE! on a black Murano and you'll get the idea. U can also see the crazy bad shingle scratches which fell beyond my skills as an amature detailer.


Here's the before shot of the hood



And all the afters...and yea..surprisingly the sun came out for 2hrs yesterday!


Here's a couple post hood shots.















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Just heard from my brother this morning. Now that's he's seen the before/after pics and has seen the truck in daylight he's quite impressed and grateful. He did finish by giving me a heads up that our other brother just signed up for some monthly wash package with Deltasonic a couple days ago. Ahhhhhhhh...seriously? I'll be calling him immediately today to show him the light. He's got a black Yukon and a black GMC both of which will be a real ugly mess like the Murano after a trip or two through deltasonic and their monthly wash plan.


I think I"ll sign him up on a monthly wash plan with me :) Might as well feed his little brother if he's fixin to dump the money anyways....right?:thumbsup:

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