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SHR & FMC on Decals



Sorry if this has been talked to death.


My PC kit is on the way. Watched a lot of the tutorials so feel pretty good for a noob but.....


I have factory Decals on my 35th Camaro SS/LE. There's no clear coat over the decals how dangerous is this stuff on the decals, should i mask it off or somthing?? Any pointers???


I also bought the 4" pad set for all the tight areas.


Thanks....here's a pic...



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Tape them off, especially during the SHR part... more aggressive abrasives can cloud or discolor vinyl graphics or lift an edge easily. Also, you'll end up with product caked up around the edge which looks pretty bad.


That anniversary strip package can be a pain in the butt to detail around:




Ended up pulling them off the 2nd go around b/c they had started to fade and the owner wasn't happy with how they looked anymore:



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You could tape off the edges to be on the safe side,if you are going to use the PC.:pc:I have used SHR & FMP on decals before to remove slight scratches by hand that is.




Ya I dont have any blemishes on the decals themselves. I just dont want to damage them during the process.


I might have some minor swirls in the paint between the decals in the small square areas that I might do by hand. Would it be best to mask off all the edges and do them by hand??

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