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ADAMS Car Wash Shampoo on Wheels, Tires and Wheel wells



Is Adams Car Wash Shampoo effective on cleaning wheels, Tires and wheel wells? Adams APC and GWC are not available here.. Very expensive to import by the gallons, the price will be more than double due to shipping and taxes. It will take 2months to arrive due to customs quarantine because it's liquid.

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Hi Atoy.

I always use the car wash on my wheels, but it will work OK on tires and wheel wells too. I use it in a bottle with a foaming sprayer at the regular strength (1 oz. to 2 gallons water). You could do it as a separate wash (start with a clean bucket) so as not to scratch your wheels, or using the leftover "wash bucket" (not the "rinse bucket") if you wait until last for the wheels.

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