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I went to Pa to visit my bro-in-law and as usual we went to his garage. He told me to take a ggood look aat his lemans. We have done his car with s&h, machine polish, machine wax before. He has done his car numerous times also by hand using buttery instead of machine wax. He was experimenting 1 evening and tried revive and buttery mixed on app. about 50/50. The shine is beautiful. When I got home I tried it on my cutlass using the red foam app. The shine was very nice. I waited to try bg. It came yesterday so I tried it last night. I try to get my shine like Dylan keeps on his Ave. I think I have it now. Now I need a coat of Americana. Will send pictures when I figure out how.

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You shouldn't mix waxes and polishes in the same application...


SHR + Revive FOLLOWED with Buttery - yes, but Revive + Buttery - no.


The products are basically working against eachother, the revive is going to prevent the buttery from curing and protecting the finish, the buttery is going to lubricate the polish and prevent it from doing its job.

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