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Junkman Gets a Visit from a Camaro Owner!


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Hey boys and girls, Megatron from Camaro5 Forum dropped by my house today for some one on one paint correction and instruction. I always let folks know that they can come by and see the products that I use in action before they buy them. That way, you will know if you are getting what you pay for and see first hand exactly what those products can do for your paint before you spend a dime. The only "catch" is, you have to feed me! :D


Megatron's paint was not in bad shape at all. He had been using Zaino (a quality product), but there was a slight haze to his finish. It wasn't as prevalent to him as it was after I finished working my magic but once he saw my finished results, it was very evident. Here's what we were looking at:


In this picture, the flash test does not reveal any major swirls as his paint was not in bad shape at all. The Z5 that he uses does have the ability to hide minor imperfection (similar to what Adam's Machine Superwax does), however, you can see the slight cloudiness that exist in the finish. That is what I immediately saw when he pulled up.




His paint was really smooth and only needed very minimal claying so I did so as claying is the foundation of a Junkman shine. After I clayed the area, ran two passes of Swirl & Haze Remover and the Fine Machine Polish with the PC-7424XP, this is what his finish looked like:





Without the flash, you could really see how much depth I was able to achieve with what I had done so far. One thing that I stressed to him and that I want everyone reading this to realize is that there is not a drop of wax on this car where I am taking the pictures. There is nothing on the car in these pictures but paint and clear coat. This is what POLISHING does for your paint. Polish makes the paint shine. Wax protects the shine you get from polishing. He watched it happen with his own eyes. No tricks, no mirrors, no fancy camera work. Adobe Photoshop ain't got nothing on my shine. :D


Here's a pic without the flash:





Another thing that was bothering him about his car was where a body did some work to fix a small dent. He could see some wet sanding marks in the right light where the body shop didn't do a good job inspecting their own work. He pointed it out to me and I wanted to make sure that it was not there when he left. So we went out for lunch and stopped at a Mirror Glaze distributor so that I could pick up some foam sanding blocks and sandpaper. I picked up some 2500 and 3000 grit for his car. Most body shops don't use these grit and that's why they end up leaving sanding damage behind some of the time. You have to diminish your sanding damage by using a less aggressive paper followed by an even less aggressive paper. You do the same thing with polishing compounds.


Here's what the damage looked like. First, a long shot:





Now let's shed some light on that paint:





As you can see, the damage was hideous. I allowed my sandpaper to soak for a bit and went at it. First, the 2500 grit:




I swear, I thought he was going to pass out! :lol:



I followed that 2500 grit with some 3000 grit. See how much smoother the wet sanding damage is?





Next, I followed the procedure as you see me do in my videos. Swirl & Haze Remover with the orange pad and Fine Machine Polish with the white pad. No wax was used in this repair. Here are the final results:





...and one happy camper. :thumbsup:





I didn't have to revive him, but I had 911 on speed dial. :lol:


Oh, I had him treat me to some Tilted Kilt. He highly approved of the selection. I think he will be back! :D





The Junkman

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AJ...with all of your skills you should open your own detail shop but I know what a non-sweating piece of cake your computer business is. :jester:


Great job!! :2thumbs::rockon::2thumbs:


You know it Teresa. Me and sweat do not see eye to eye! :willy:


i think all the ladies appreciate Junkie-babes!:lolsmack:


As JJ from Good Times would say, "You know... what can I say!" :lolsmack:

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