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2011 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel has arrived!


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Hey all, after a long wait, my (well, my fathers...until I steal it from him) new truck has arrived! We traded in the 2003 Tahoe with 42k on the clock for her. Was kind've sad to see her go, but this new beautiful beast is insane. I think I did good with this one. It's Rugged Brown, fully loaded. The sad thing is that this truck may never be clean again - I may have to donate my services from time to time. Anyway, enjoy these quick iPhone pics.


Out with the old:










In with the new:




















True to my nature it's going to pour the rest of the week - once it gets nice again I will wash her and take more pics. For now, this will have to do. Enjoy!

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You will not be disappointed.


I got 370,000 miles on my 2000 :thumbsup:


Dayum! How many transmissions have you gone through?


:cheers: Same situation here... my Dad's holding on to MINE for now (lol). Did yours come with the 6.7? That's a great truck!




Now that is a truck!:2thumbs: Congrats!




I'm a Chevy guy myself but that thing is nice! Whats the interior look like?


Thanks bro - didn't get a chance to snap pics of the interior. I'm very pleased with the interior of this thing. Even has ventilated seats and heated steering wheel. Almost feels luxurious lol

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Nice truck but to be honest with you I would have gotten a different color.




Gee...its raining over there?? :lol::lol:


Yeah it was raining go figure. Some parts of Brooklyn got hail. :willy:


I was very nervous about the color it was a bit of a crapshoot. But in person that color is really nice! Dodge stepped it up finally. Better interiors too!

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:( Man I miss my Dodge. :(

Nice pickup Jeff, Dodge has a pretty nice new pickup , they changed the body mounts, so that they ride alot nicer!:banana:And you don't have to injected it with cat pi$$ for emmisson, like the Ford or Chevy p/u's!


I guess that Rugged Brown is not for everyone, but I kind of like it myself, sumpin' not so common!


Again, Congratulations on the new p/u!!




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