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2011 Bugatti.....1200 HP!?


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Just seen this and called the dealer to place my order...I bought two:jester:





Nice I will stop by next time I am home and you can give me a ride. :lolsmack::lolsmack: We will just have to get away from all the construction on 94.

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267mph!!!! That is absolutely insane - I love this era of automotive engineering... they really are pushing the outer limits of what is actually possible given the laws of physics.


Honestly, in decades past cars were more limited by the technology available, we're now in a realm where the laws of physics are now becoming what prevents further progression.

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Before everyone goes running for a loan you may want to read this:



The Brits from Autocar made an analysis of maintenance costs that must the owner of a Bugatti Veyron must bear. Besides the enormous cost of acquisition and high fuel consumption of a Veyron, the owner pays each year $21,015 for a routine inspection.


The most powerful production model in the world should have thoroughly inspected wheels by Bugatti at every 4 tire changes. If a rim shows any imperfection, it will be changed. Each rim costs $11,425 and a set of four tires for the Bugatti Veyron cost $38,384. Pressing Veyron’s pedal to the metal, consumes 1 gallon at every 2.5 miles. The 26.5 gallons tank is emptied in just 12 minutes while a refill costs about $65.


Original link: http://www.mibz.com/4493-an-inspection-for-bugatti-veyron-costs-as-much-as-a-new-vw-polo.html



I wonder what an oil change cost?? :willy:

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