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New Guy from NC...


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This is a great kit!:2thumbs: When you buy kits you save!

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD align=middle width="41%">85.jpg</TD><TD width="59%"><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="54%"> </TD><TD width="46%"> </TD></TR><TR><TD class=redheading1 align=middle colSpan=2>Adam's Premium Detailing Kit</TD></TR><TR><TD style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold" align=middle colSpan=2>Catalog No: K003H</TD></TR><TR><TD style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold" align=middle colSpan=2>Price: $529.95 </TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=center align=middle colSpan=2><SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript><!--var VariantMinimumQty_85_492 = 0;var SelectedVariantInventory_85_492 = 999820;function AddToCartForm_85_492_Validator(theForm) { submitonce(theForm); if ((theForm.Quantity.value*1) < 1) { alert("Please specify the quantity you want to add to your cart"); theForm.Quantity.focus(); submitenabled(theForm); return (false); } submitenabled(theForm); return (true); }//--></SCRIPT><FORM id=AddToCartForm_85_492 style="MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px" name=AddToCartForm_85_492 onsubmit="return validateForm(this) && AddToCartForm_85_492_Validator(this)" action=addtocart.aspx?returnurl=showcategory.aspx%3fCategoryID%3d12%26SEName%3ddetail-kits method=post> </FORM>

</TD></TR><TR><TD colSpan=2>spacer.gif</TD></TR><TR><TD colSpan=2>spacer.gif</TD></TR><TR><TD colSpan=2>Our all-inclusive collection has all everything the novice, intermediate, or pro detailer needs for a remarkable shine. Enjoy $100 savings on this complete collection!</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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Welcome Ben :iagree:


If I decided to stay hand for now what would you say I put together to get A-Z inside and out?


Maybe the Premium Hand Polish & Wax Kit - http://www.adamspolishes.com/p-515-adams-premium-hand-polish-wax-kit.aspx





But also order a gallon of the detail spray and avoid the paying shipping on the order you will place a week later! The DS is amazing stuff. You also may want the In N' Out spray to complement the VRT.

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