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I Won A Contest!


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Not sure if many of you know this, but I work for Cadillac in sales, but help out my prep department as much as I can, thanks to Adams. Recently there was an in store competition for a "CTS coupe walk a round presentation" you had to do up to a 20 minute walk a round the vehicle following a customer profile. Well, I won the in store, which my co-workers expected. Earlier this week I had to go do it again, but this time competing with the top performer from each Cadillac store in the area. Well, I won this one too! Next week I go upstate NY to compete again in a regional event, if I win this I may be going onto the national competition. Funny thing, I just found out today that I actually tied someone from another store this week! Well that had guidelines for a tie breaker, and they went to your CSI (customer surveys for new car sales) The girl I tied had a 97.4% avg (very high) and she thought she had it locked for the win. Too bad she didn't know who she was messing with! my 3 month avg, and my 12 month avg for CSI are at 100%:rockon: Her jaw dropped and nobody could believe it, 100% is not commonly seen, and even shocks me. Top notch customer service is what I am able to provide, and part of the reason I am so dedicated to the Adams line of products! Wish me luck for next week, and I will post my results!

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