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All Purpose and Glass Cleaner make things Sparkle

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In my Home. :D


I have been busting my butt trying to clean up our new house and I have found alot of things that need to be cleaned such as the main bathroom.


The light fixtures were a mess with dust and grim. They are individual glass rods that I had to take out one by one. I added about a cup of APC to some hot water in the bathtub and let the rods soak for about 10 minutes to cut all the nastiness. I dried them off and sprayed them with the glass cleaner and dried them again and WaLa...:banana:


Notice any difference? No PS from me (as many of you know I am PS illiterate for now) :lol:


This is what they looked like before:



This is the after shot:



And my side by side comparison with the dirty ones on the right and the clean on the left:



I love this stuff!!


Next project...take off that terrible wallpaper. :willy:

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Did the people you brought the house from smoke?? My parents house was the same way.



We bought my parents house and they both smoked. Dad is still alive and 79 yrs old and he still smokes. When I am totally moved in he has agreed to quit!! :rockon::xfingers::xfingers:


I have been cleaning and painting every waking hour that I am not at work. :help:

We just laid a huge pad of cement and my husband was working on someone's car last week and he has oil all over it!! He has been complaining for days so since it is going to be sort of nice out this weekend, I thought I'd be nice and try the APC full strength on the oil patch and see if I can get it to disappear for him. :2thumbs:


My husband won't move until he can totally move the whole contents of our garage. We have 3 hotrods in that garage and all his tools, big air compressor, welding machine, a big slot car track on a huge oak table, stereo system, parts everywhere...omg I have to quit now. I will never get moved. :willy:

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My Grandpa is 85 and still smokes even though he denies it because his Doctor told him to quit about 10 years ago.


"Grandpa... Smell like you've been smoking"


"Don't know what the _____ you've been smoking but I haven't been"


"Ok Grandpa if you say so"

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Sorry, but GROSS! WT HECK? Nice turn around though T! TAR is EVIL!



I agree Chris. It was totally nasty.


My mom was sick for quite a few years before she died and the only thing my dad seemed concerned about was taking care of her instead of house cleaning.


The house is coming right along now and I have cleaned just about everything except the whole house fan which I have to take out of the ceiling to do. :(

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