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FLEX Rotary



Well,I decided to go with the FLEX over the Metabo rotary.My FLEX DA has treated me so good,I had to keep it in the family.




Definetly shadow's the PCXP



To test out the FLEX rotary,I corrected the hood of my DD a couple day's ago.



The rotary run's even smoother than the DA.:pc:

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Have you used a rotary much? I have a Porter Cable Rotary that I hardly ever use.Be careful on your edges.:thumbsup:


The Rotary will be used for severe customer corrections.I've been playing with the rotary (my brothers) for a while now but more frequent the past (2) month's.

Camaro5Ryan is correct on the Adam's pad break down,my orange 7.5" will need replacing-SOON.I have also been playing with the slotted type (respect to this Forum,unmentioned) pads.The 7" pads work so well,I will be using all 7" slotted type with my F/R.

ADAMS FMP does a EXCELLENT job with the white 7" slotted type pad to take down the small amount of micro-marring produced from the orange/yellow pads.Have not a application for the purple pad,yet :eek:.


BTW,my rotary doesn't even come close to kissing a edge.;)



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color of 7" pad included
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