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10/16/2010 Clinic at Thompson Racing


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I have to say that my first encounter with AJ, aka "The Junkman", was everything that I expected, and much more. We learned a lot and laughed a lot as well. Eric took good care of all of us, keeping us all fed and watered while AJ worked his magic with the Adam's products as well as the crowd.

Thanks to all involved with this Clinic!:thumbsup:






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Bob, first of all thanks for coming out! What a blast that was! You all were one of the most attentive and inquisitive crowds I have met thus far. Lots of good questions and the laughs were abundant. I can't wait to come back and Eric and I are talking about doing something in the spring.


I hope to make that clinic an annual event and look forward to many more laughs! :thumbsup:

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It was very nice to be there and to meet the Junkman, the whole day was fun, entertaining and educational to the max. Eric was courteous and provided great hospitality and good deals on Adam's products. The best part is that AJ used my Camaro to demonstrate wet sanding, basically I had a scratch that the PC and SHR couldnt pick up and I knew that it wasnt deep into the paint because my fingernail didnt feel it when I pass over it, so I showed it to the Junkman and guess what HE REMOVED IT COMPLETLY with wet sanding. It was an amazing day, me and my girlfriend had so much fun + I got the nasty scratch taking care of. :2thumbs:

Here's a pic of me and my girlfriend with the man, I mean the Junkman :bow:


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Thanks for sharing the pics Bob. Sounds like it was a productive, fun day!


BTW, what is that black and green monster in the background of the first pic?


You mean this million dollar beast of a transport truck with an apartment for a sleeper that's bigger than my whole house?






So where are the pictures of AJ having a meal? :)


You mean like this? horsham1.jpg

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