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Fall Charger


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Well, like Bluezey I too took advantage of the fall colors and my brand new tub of Americana to get some shots of my car. I also was taking some to get one for the Halloween photo contest.


Anyways..here's my Charger, with a winter prep (wash, clay, shr, fmp, msw and Americana). I see what you guys love about Americana. This was my first time using it and I'll be a lifetime user from here on out. Oh and none of these pics were PS'd at all. Just my wife and her eye.










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Funny you guys say that. My wife wanted me to put the first or 3rd pic in as my october halloween contest submission but I opted for the other one. I told her those are sweet fall pics but the contest was hallowee related so i opted to go with the gravestones shot.


She's a part time photographer on the side. So when I said "do u want to go with me to take some shots of the charger for the contest" I should've known it'd turn into a 2hr excursion lol. But the results are definitely nice. She's got a good eye.

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