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Ohh No! I've discovered Adam's


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:hi:Hello from Michigan Spartan Country! I'm taking delivery of a new Mustang in a few days and I've already got the bug, watching Adam's video's. I ordered some detail spray and Americana to get started and will be back I'm sure next spring for more. Dylan was very helpful and great, offering me great advice on the product line. I haven't used the products yet but if they work as good as they smell, I'll be a happy customer. I'm also happy she resurrected the winter car care video for us crazy morons that choose to live in theis God forsaken fridgid part of the country. Actually I dig the snow and the cold, but car care isn't easy.


I'm already hooked on these products. Thanks Adam for keeping 99% of your products manufacturing right here in America. With more people like you, this country would be a lot better off, and less unemployment is a good thing.:2thumbs:

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Welcome Jim :welcomebanner:


That Detail Spray is a 'gateway' product. Once you get started, you'll soon be like the rest of us - clean, shiny cars and empty wallets!


:lol: I couldn't agree more!


Welcome to the neighborhood!



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Guest Gone & Forgotten

Even new cars come with swirls, scuffs and haze. Go ahead and get the PC, SWR, FMP, and the pad set. You'll need them.


A LITTLE American goes a LONG way. The less you use on your paint, the more it shines. I've done my car with 2 coats and you can't tell I even opened the container.


Keep those Adam's products in a climate controlled environment as well.


Welcome to the pack.

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