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Whilst rummaging in the gun safe to count up my "loud pipes" fund I glanced at my lever action .30-30 and remembered it was made in Brooklyn, New York. I double checked their website to make sure they're still made here and came across this quote from the owner, Anthony Imperato: " Henry Rifles will only be made in America or they won't be made at all."


:patriot: Nice!

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Nice! How's the loud pipes fund coming along?


I bought the Magna-Flow system right out of the shoot 2 years ago for less than 600 bucks brand new.



HMMMMM? Methinks your G8 is no longer stock...:jester:....Did you get a tune to disable AFM?


I've got enough for Solo cat backs. I've heard it on and in two other GTs. I can't wait to awaken this sleeping beast. I had considered Corsa, but I've seen too many people complain about the high standing water/limp home mode issue. :( The 'response' from the company didn't sit well with me either, so Solo will be getting my $$$.:banana:

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