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Hey I'm Chris,

I am on several different forums and hooked up with dylan to get some Adams products! From what I have seen and experienced, this is the best!!!!


Looking forward to learning some new things as well as improving my old bad habbits. Here are a few pics of my ride using a small portion of the Products I have purchased previously!




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Thanks everyone! I hope to snap a few pics of my wifes ride this weekend after a through detail! She has been bugging me for it so ill get to it as soon as i get the "goods" :D

Here is my daily driver that I performed a mild correction using some products that I had before adams! Be sure to stay tuned for another round after I get the new products and see the difference between good and great!











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wow this is crazy haha! Well i work at whitfield in pearl but live off of burnham! I see you work for S.O. Thats cool man! I am buddies with a few of those guys (I don't admit it all the time haha!) Na Wayne and Wes Shivers(don't know if he is still on with you guys) and my wife was roomates with Ronnies daughter in college!!!! I have to do it ( Go Bulldogs) hahaha! We should catch up sometime! Ill be fooling around this sunday, gonna get the wifes ride up and rolling, Id like to check out your truck!

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