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Removed the front lower valence today


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Any before pic's?


Looks good..... However, if those are pebbles in the tread I pity the car behind you !!

Those rocks in the tread are still there from hunting week ago from driving on country gravel roads, and the only time truck spits up anything. Under normal condition theres rarely rocks in the tread or spitting up anything. The huge molded mudflaps catch a lot:thumbsup:

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looks better without it, but since mine is going to stay at the stock ride height, and is only meant for highway hauling, rarely seeing off road... i think i'll keep my precious "fuel mileage" ;)


Ive been happy with my mileage for truck that only has 2500 miles so far. I normally putz around town and do 14.5-15, and when i go hunting bout the only time i see long periods of constant speeds i get over 16. I think once I raise the back end an inch more with the other spacer ive had sitting here, and get back some rake ill pick up a few more mpg. Just ordered a used powercore volant intake for 175 with 1k miles on it, should help mpg as well.

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