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If Money was No Object....


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I'd be there with my checkbook. What an amazing collection, and all being sold NO RESERVE! Got this info from the Corvette Museum.


Bob McDorman to Auction Collection Next Weekend

mcdorman.jpegNext weekend, long-time Museum supporter Bob McDorman's massive collection of 150 cars will go up for sale through Mecum Auctions.

This once-in-a-lifetime auction will feature Chevrolets produced as early as 1915 and will include the world's most complete Corvette collection, as well as neon signs, memorabilia and vintage parts all gathered over the years by Bob. Among the cars to be sold are 11 serial #1 Corvettes, Bunkie Knudsen's 1963 Sting Ray, plus many celebrity cars.

The Mecum McDorman Auction takes place at Bob McDorman Chevrolet, 5885 Gender Road, Canal Winchester, OH 43110. Auction previews run Friday, November 5 from 8am-5pm. The memorabilia sale begins Saturday, November 6 at 10am with vehicles selling at noon. See the collection online at www.mecum.com.

Check out the rides he has for sale! Unbelievable! :rockon:

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Nice! Ever watch "Chasing Classic Cars"?


They did a show of one of these types of auctions and it was AMAZING to see the cars.


What people don't realize is most of the cars haven't been driven in years and need extensive work to get them road worthy.



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I really like the 69 Camaro Z11 & Z10 and the 70 Serial #1 Camaro.


What? No 69 Corvette Convertible with the 454 Motor? Thats the car we would someday like to own. :burnout:


Those older pedal cars should bring in alot of cash. And the Dealer signs are Very neat.


I'd also take one of the Corvette gokarts. :D



I am with you on this on Rich. I wish I had alot of play money to just go blow on tons of expensive fun stuff and not even look back. :D:cheers:

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