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my spoiler...part deux


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OK guys, so after getting the run around from the body shop I finally got my replacement spoiler. I researched more on how to install the spoiler and decided to use a product sold by BMW called Betalink. It's the glue they use to install add on parts like spoilers and trim pieces. It's made by Dow so is probably sold under other names by other companies. The kit contains the glue, a nozzle for the glue, a can of cleaner, a piece of sandpaper and a spatula. I dry fit the spoiler and it looked like a great fit. So I take the sandpaper and rough up the inside of the spoiler and use the cleaner to remove any dust and residue. I also use the cleaner on the car to make sure there is no wax or oil on it either. I cut the end of the tube of glue, it looks like a thing you buy at the grocery that cookie dough comes in, and fit the nozzle. I start squeezing the tube to get the glue out and no matter how hard I squeeze I can't get the glue to come out. I try rolling the end like you would a tube of tooth paste, still nothing. Already I start to worry about how this is going to work. I end up having to slice the tube length wise and try to use the spatula to get the glue on the spoiler. This stuff is like tar after it has started to cool. I finally get glue on the spoiler after getting way too much on me.

I put the spoiler on the car and it goes exactly where I had marked for it to go. I put a bunch of painters tape in the middle to hold it in place. I go to one end and it looks good for fit so I press it down and tape it down. I go to the opposite end and press it down and tape it. Then I start working my way across making sure that everything in still in position. I get back to the first end I had taped down and it has popped loose so I press it on again and apply more tape. Yes, you can guess the rest. I get one end down and the other pops up. So I decided to take the take off the middle and tape the ends down first. Nope that doesn't work either. After fighting with this thing for over an hour I finally give in and tape it down as best I can and call it a day.

I have been talking to another guy that installed his and find that he went through the same thing, well similar anyway. On his the ends weren't the problems. He has a gap about 4 inches in from the ends that won't fit flush. We both decide that the only thing we can do is get it on as best we can and run a thin bead of silicone caulk to fill the gaps. So tomorrow I'm going to Hope Depot and see if I can find black silicone caulk or something similar.

You would think that since this spoiler is made by a big name company that the fit would be better than this. Either that or it just needs more prep to make the fit right. I know that this is the last time I attempt to do anything like this myself.

Pics are the same as my other thread but if there is demand I can take more.

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Thanks for the ideas guys.


I think the material is too thick for a heat gun to help plus the instructions that came with it said it couldn't be heated to dry the paint.


Most of the guys on the forums have used the double sided tape successfully. When the guy at the body shop taped the first one on it blew off.


I will just have to live with it as is. That sucker isn't coming off. I went to Home Depot this afternoon looking to get some sort of adevasive that was black but all I could find was caulking so I just got clear silicone and filled the gap up on the bad end. I also ran a thin bead across the rest of the seam. My thinking was to stop any air from getting under the leading edge and lifting the spoiler. If it comes off again I'm done with spoilers.

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Most of the time people test fit and manipulate the product before painting. Whether that means cutting or warming and molding or sanding to fit. Then they send it off to be painted.


I haven't found an aftermarket (non OEM) item that ever fits perfectly. Hopefully it won't fall off this time around though.



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