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Girlfriend's 2008 Altima


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It sits outside all the time and has had over 40k miles put on it last year. She doesn't care about its cleanliness at all, but last week when it was raining I noticed there was no beading on it at all. With winter approaching, today I set out to remedy that. Here are just a few of the details:


Engine was filthy:



The car is covered in swirl marks. The after is the same panel after 1 pass of SHR, FMP, and MSW.altima3.JPGaltima4.JPG


The claybar had me wondering what I'd gotten myself into:



Lots of rock chips that I can't do anything about, but I understand these kinds of photos are kind of popular:



And the finished product (forgot to take a before!):altima7.JPG


Now I'm trying to talk her into taking me out to dinner. ;)

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Now I'm trying to talk her into taking me out to dinner.


At the very least! ;)


Nice work, that swirl picture was almost as scary as anything I saw trick-or-treating!


A lavender Donk? That's interesting.

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Haha! The guy in the donk sat there and watched me for a solid hour. He actually keeps his car pretty clean. I don't like his donk as much as the one I saw last week that was an advertisement for Whoppers "The original malted milk balls". :loser:


Edit: And I have talked my way into Mexican for dinner at my favorite place. :cheers:

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