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The Daytona is back!!!...NEW PICS


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Well it was a nice day back in IOwa so my dad decided to get her out and give it a washing. Adams two bucket of course. This was the first time its been outside since i stored it on July 4. Look at that water beading after almost exactly 5 months.


Me and my buddy right before prom..he has a 2001 gtp



Hmm...think it could win a car show?




Hangin out with my Dads 2007 Monte Carlo



Water Beading :drool:



Gettin out away again :help:


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I have to admit I'm not a Pontiac guy and didn't know it was limited. Since that's the case and that's part of the deal that's cool, sorry for the ignorance and it's still a d**n fine looking ride.



Its all good man. Sucks tho, I havent been able to drive it since the beginning of July :willy:

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You must not know its a limited edition? Those are factory and are one of the things that make the car wht it is. #159 of 2000 made. Why would i take them off?


Never asked you to take them off:confused:,just asked if it would look better without the colors.

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