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For all the Vett enthusiasts. Something a little different

Memphis Senior

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Well definitely an interesting find but what a shame to ruin a beautiful car like the vette by turning it into that monster.:(:jester:



Interesting, yes. A "monster?" Let's just say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You have to see this car to appreciate all the effort and hard work that obviously went into building it.


BTW there must have been 15-20 stock, or slightly modified, paint, spoilers, etc.

Corvettes there. All grouped in a corner of their own.

The local Corvette club is always well represented at this show.


Most people walked past these cars with no more than a glance.

This 1 was clear over on the other side of the parking lot all by itself.

Guess the purists didn't want this plow horse mixed in with their thoroughbreds.

IT HAD A CROWD AROUND IT. :lol::willy:

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It DOES look like it was very well done. Certainly not my kind of mod/project but I do appreciate the work and talent that went into putting it together. And as a Corvette driver, I'd still give him a wave if we passed on the street. :cheers:
Would all fingers be showing:confused: Just curious:lol:
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