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Spoiled by Adam's Customer Service


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So I am trying to do some bussiness with a company from whom I bought some e-cigarettes from. We are trying to quit. We bought four of them and we get the same results everytime. Works great once. But progressively gets worse with every successive drag. So I send an email to them and the nice lady says I sent the email to the wrong office (sent it to England) and she would forward my request to the U.S. office. She sent it at 6 am on a Sunday. The U.S. office sends me an email 2 days later saying to call the returns department. I send an email back, explaining in detail what my problem is and saying I do not want to return the four units, just want to know what I am doing wrong and how to make them work and some instructions would be nice. Next email just says to call and they will try to help trouble shoot. No Good Morning Mr. Polley, no siganture on the emails, just a single line saying to call them. I don't think they are even reading their emails.


Adam's has spoiled me. I expect the same customer service from everyone now. It doesn't seem that hard.

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My brother ordered a gallon of glass cleaner along with a 16oz and a bottle of glass sealant. He got his order in August and forgot to tell someone he was missing his sealant. So I go over there and see he's got the cleaner and he tells me this... I asked him WTH? Why didn't you tell them. He simply got busy and forgot. Of course if it was me I'd email Ashley, Dylan or Adam straight away as I have them in my contacts (poor them).


I emailed Dylan and after some searching, he found the order and my brother NOW has his bottle of GS.


So... It's not that Adams doesn't make mistakes. It's the fact that they make it 100% right without asking questions.



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