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These are pretty fantastic....I was gonna say you must be bored for all these posts....very good post!


Yep. Sun is out, just waiting for it to get overcast. I only keep enough for dinner - so I go out often:D

Fishing off the beach today so we can have a swim after. I use a spinning rig with 1kg line (2.2lbs) and go for kahawai (up to 8lbs) with a lure. Great fun and kahawai is nice smoked. Nothing like sport fishing, light tackle and big fish:D



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I've seen this guy's work before. He's really talented. Ever see the one where you can actually see how long those really are? And people have gotten hurt falling down because they walk over some of them and feel like they're falling so they do. They are really cool. :2thumbs:

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Awesome. Good luck with the fish. I don't have the best luck. I always catch a nice weed bass though.


:lol: Cheers, going out later this week. Adam's order is on its way, can't let those ninja delivery guys take off with my goodies.

I'm lucky where I am, I have 6 beaches within 2 miles, and plenty of access to launch a boat. Fish are starting to come into shallow water. Lake Pupuke is about 4 miles and is stocked with trout










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