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How Good is Green Wheel Cleaner?





Putting the winter rubber on my stock rims tommorow, so I wanted to make sure they were clean before I brought them in.


Well it turns out that when the dealership did the rust protection, there was some serious over spray into the barrels of the wheels. Never could figure why only certain parts would come clean when I had them mounted.


One bottle of GWC, one of Waterless Wash, a ruined fender brush and a ruined junk MF towel later, the wheels went from this,





to this!





I was tempted after seeing the state of them to just say screw it and bring them in as is, but there is no way I could do that with this sticker in the window. Pride! :D



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Amazing! At first, I didn't think you would be able to get them that clean.


You're not the only one!! :lolsmack:


The really thick dark spots I had to hit with GWC, scrub and then repeat. That stuff would not even move when I rubbed my finger on it when dry.

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Ray, I always toss on a full set of winter rubber. Being in Canada, I am a firm believer that since we do indeed have ALL seasons, that all season tires are a huge mistake.


Of course finding 18" tires in staggered fit (225/45 and 245/45) has been a challenge. Only Michelin and Toyo can cover it with a decent winter tire. Going with the Toyos. Ya really don't want to know how much........LOL.




Thanks Ryan!

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I'd have just put 225's on them...


What's the width of the back wheel?


I have 8" wheels and I run 225/55-17" front and back. I just bought some cheap wheels. Skinnier is better in the snow.


I run Bridgestone Blizzak WS-60s and WS-70s. I just got a new pair of 70's because the tires wear out so darn fast... Hmm... How does that happen on a 400bhp car? hehehe


My car RWD and unbelievable in the snow. All I do is make sure I have a full tank of gas before it snows and I'm good.



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7.5" up front, 8.5" in the rear.


I considered putting 225 on the rear, but I could not find a single good result for that combo on the Gen Coupe site.


I looked at getting some steels for it as well, but there are clearance issues to deal with there. The steels I found that would fit over the brakes plus tires was going to be around the same price as the tires for my stock wheels. This way, I don't have to drive aorund for five months with ugly ol steel wheels........LOL



On a brighter note, the shop I got my tires from, Scotia Tire, has a 45% discount for military members for Toyo tires, so that lessened the hit a fair bit.



Given all this, after spending as much as I did this morning, I have all but assured that there will little to no snow this year. It's sorta like the first year for a brand new snow blower.

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