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Bridge collapse


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This happened to me in Oct 08 one month after I bought my car. Could have been a write off. I was driving on the motorway and a truck smashed into the Onewa Rd overbridge. A car and van in front of me were bombarded with concrete. Luckily I stopped just before the bridge. I was hoping no one would crash into the back of me, I heard screeching and saw cars coming up pretty quick. You can see the concrete dust on my bonnet - taken from my phone (first 4 pics). The other photo's are from the news paper site.



















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Wow! Your guardian Angel was watching over you!


I know. I knew my brakes were good but freaked out looking at the rear view mirror watching cars coming towards me. I normally zoom into work but this day I cruised, sun was out and I was enjoying the day. Another 30 meters and I would have been in the thick of it.

I was in shock for a while. I was on my way into the office after visiting a client. Went home soon after.

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You were really lucky! Man, you hear reports all the time on the news how unsafe our bridges really are in the US. Guess you got the info first hand! :help:


Yeah i was lucky. 1 month after purchase. I insured it for what I paid instead of retail price. I'm only allowed 1 purchase from Ford every year. I got 24% of the RRP. I would have lost over 10 grand.

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