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my z06 98% correction (pics) + review !


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Okay so my 08 z06 had some pretty swirled up paint (from the previous owner) and apparently GM has seriously hard clear coats


did a correction with Jeff in july but the orange pad just didnt correct it like I wanted.


Anyway onto this detail !


Products Used:


adams car shampoo

adams jumbo washpad

adams foam gun

adams white dry towel

adams in n out spray (new and good product)

Adams invisible undercarriage spray (new order and good )

adams fender and wheel well brush


Now for the detail :


did the plastic bag test and no need to be reclayed the detail began


Yellow Pad (2 passes SHR) Orange Pad (2 passes SHR), White Pad (2 passes FMP)


Coat of americana


now the pictures








(somewhere during)







(finished product)






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Was Jeff there??? :jester:





Nice job on the detail. Your car looks great. :2thumbs:


no but I spent the weekend in AC with him soooo it was inevitable that it would poor on me monday ...


actually jeff caused a hail storm in NYC on me


forgot to mention ... I detailed a good portion of this with an LED flashlight in my mouth because it was hard to see the sides and lower qtr panels due to shadows

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