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Lug Brush Specs?

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I assume you're probably the guy I just sent specs to via email?? I'll post them here too for anyone looking:


The handle to the base of the ferrule is 6.25"

The ferrule itself is exactly 1"

The bristles are approximately 2.5"

The total length of the brush is almost exactly 9.75"


Not the same guy as email so looks like I'm not the only one wondering. Is the 1" on the ferrule the length or diameter? The diameter on my SW brushes is bigger than 1" so I'd be surprised if that was diameter.


Thanks for the info btw!

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All measurements are length.


How funny you posted this, just before I logged on I had answered an email that was pretty much the exact same question.


The brush/ferrule diameter is 1.5" but b/c we packed this thing so dense with fibers it flares out to about 2" at the tip.



Cool, thanks!

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How about some pictures. Both brushes are new and have never been used.











Great pics. Make a great comparison.:thumbsup:


I've only used my lug nut brush about 4 times but can tell you I'd be lost without it. I never owned a SW version so this is my first foray into this brush.

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