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A Little Old School (for me anyway)

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It was late summer of '86 when my brother came home on leave (Navy) and somehow ended up being given my '69 Chevy LWB truck. At only 15 & 16 years old I had worked and had the truck painted and rebuilt the engine. It was my pride and joy. I even washed it when it was below freezing.


A month or two later my dad traded a satellite receiver (13' dish) for a '62 Ford Falcon. I'm like come on! What 16 soon to be 17 drives a Falcon? It was white with a big ugly blue stripe down the side. As you can see from the pics someone had cut out the rear teardrop fender wells and replaced them with front fender wells. It had a 302 with a C4 transmission and a 9" rear end. It would scoot.


Well summer of '87 we began to strip the car. We scraped it to the metal with razor blades. It was painted Candy Apple Red with a Black Cherry stripe. It would turn some heads.


My dads biggest mistake was when he took it to be appraised, he was offered a '55 T-Bird fully disassembled with a guarantee that everything was there. He turned it down.


I won a couple of small car shows with it. Then when I was 19 and wanted a 4x4 I gave the car back to my parents and they bought me a 79 Chevy 4x4.


Later my dad traded it for a '86 Pontiac Feiro. I know where the Falcon is. Just sitting under a tree rusting away. The man won't sell it. Said he might fix it up one day.


Enough jabbering. On to the pics.

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