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Green Spot Buff Pads



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I think AJ mentioned this in regards to the original line up (PC + SHR w/ orange pad) and the number had a comma in it. If you step up to the Flex, green/yellow pads, and/or SSR that number will do down.


Junk, please correct me if I miss-quoted you.

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Yes, eventually... the spot pad being much more aggressive than either the PC or Flex system doesn't really need the SSR green pad treatment yet. If you're not getting it with SHR and the yellow try the SSR and yellow, but honestly you'll show up metal sooner rather than later going that crazy.


Is SSR and orange a better plan than SSR and yellow on the 4" pads? And I mean a better option from the standpoint of cutting well but not marring up the area and/or worse.

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Bingo. Remember guys in terms of cutting ability we have:


focus pads on drill > flex > pc > hand


yellow pad > green pad > orange pad > white pad > gray pad




If you take SSR + YELLOW + FOCUS PADS you're combining the 3 very most aggressive things we have to offer which is simply overkill.


SSR + ORANGE + FOCUS steps the aggressive meter down a notch and you won't be cleaning up really nasty buffing damage.

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