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thought this was funny right here


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Im on another forum on flashlights and this person decided to share a story that someone had written on there i was in tears reading this lol



Ahh, what a beautiful evening; the leaves have all turned colors and the loamy smell of Fall permeates the neighborhood. Of course I don't mind walking the dogs. No streetlights by the lake make for a nice, dark hike.


Cash, the bigger of the two giant Great Pyrenees dogs (154#,70Kg) makes his move first. A particularly attractive pile of leaves becomes Ground Zero for what can only be described as an unfortunate incident. - one worthy of a dog who chases away bears.


Standing there slack-jawed, repulsed and amazed by the sheer volume of ejecta before me, it hit me. I have to pick this up. huh.gif


OK. Ebay-special "3 Watt" Lux III in mouth, bag over right hand, in for the grab. Uh-oh. This is going to require assistance from the left, already occupied by the leashes and unprotected !!!


A quick balance and flip of the sack leaves me with the distinct impression that there has been a breach in the system - escaping material from the knot area has attacked Lefty and has contaminated Righty in the attempt to seal off the bag !


Flashlight in mouth, ordure on both hands, several hundred pounds of dog attached at the wrist - and suddenly I'm under attack. A tiny moth, attracted to the creamy white beam emanating from the beacon in my pie-hole, finds my left eye.


Now, what's the very first thing you do when something gets in your eye?


That's right, you PUT YOUR FINGER THERE !!!


Now I have leaked material on both hands and eyeball, an insect is doing the backstroke in my tear duct, and the dogs now think Daddy's PLAYING. They proceed to pull me around in the dark, covered in dung and half-blind.



This went on for a while. The dogs really like the Fall weather.



It's a miracle I made it home. I still can't see out of my left eye, unsure if it's due to the moth or the merde .


Do you think a headlamp would have prevented this? :willy::lolsmack:

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