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2000 Pontiac Van


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Given the chance to keep practicing and improving I told my dad I was going to steal his van while they were out to Vegas for 2 weeks. I had my daughter drive it home from Buffalo for me and worked on it for about 3 days off an on.


Here are some before's. She's got 55,000 miles on it which isnt bad, but is 10 years old and hasnt seen any wax in at least the last 5 years my dad has had her.










Sooo.it was on to a good wash (didnt bother with dawn as there was really nothing left to strip), clay, and rewash with foam gun all using two bucket, grit guard, adam wash pads, adams car wash, adams foam gun, adams clay, and adams DS. Even just after a good wash and clay in the right light she looked so much better.



But alas..come in a bit closer and see what we have going on. These are flash shots off the hood and then some along the process after doing passes of yellow pad + shr then orange + shr until finally white + fmp



I tried to use this same angle to show the progress after each pad.







Here we go with 1 pass of yellow + shr



Close up left half 1 pass yellow right..ah not so much.





After yellow and orange passes





After yellow, orange and white passes



On to the rest of the car with mostly just 2 orange passes and 1 white. The rest didnt seem near as bad as the hood so i dropped the yellow step.










Now it was on to the interior which overall was in real good shape except for some stains in the back and the floor mats.


Back floor stains before using Adams carpet and upholstery cleaner







And after....stains go bye bye








And some parting shine shots ..hope you enjoyed!!









Products used (all products listed are Adams)



Wash pads (two sizes)

Grit guards

Car shampoo


Detail Spray

Super white drying towels



Yellow hex pads

Orange hex pads

White hex pad

Gray hex pad




Super plush white polishing towels



Glass cleaner

waterless wash

leather and interior cleaner

carpet and upholstery cleaner

interior brush

blue waffle towels

blue glass towel




Another job in the books.


My parents got back Saturday night and my dad called me first thing Sunday and opened the call with "Hey I have a like new 2000 Pontiac Van on my lawn for sale today". He couldnt stop thanking me enough and saying how amazed how good it turned out. He said my mom said to him "it didnt look that good when we bought it" LOL. He als commented that "the paint looks darker and deeper now like a whole new color" I had to inform him that 10 years of neglect to a paint job might for sure dull it out a tad.


Always good to keep mom and dad happy and proud eh! I can't ever repay what they put into raising me so hey..shining up their vehicles from time to time is a drop in the bucket.

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Nice work Paul!


For a second there, I thought the wiring in your rafters were some serious scratches in the paint!


I agree about the difference even claying can make, especially on a finish that has lots of mileage on it and has gotten dull over time.

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Paul' date='


Your dad raised a great son. :2thumbs:



Nice job. :2thumbs::2thumbs:[/quote']


Thanks..it's just a reflection of his great ubringing to be honest. Which, on a side note I'm still amazed when i come across different friends/etc and hear about some of their upbringings and can't help but think just how great we had it and how great my parents did with the four of us. Times were always tough but we were raised to respect our elders, work hard, accept discipline, eat every dinner together as a fmaily amongst a long list of great things. I still remember having family game night every friday night where the 6 or more of us would sit down at the kitchen table and play board games or card games all night. It got to where some of our friends wanted to partake and to this day cards or games of some sort are a given occurence at any family gathering. There's a lot to be said for turning off the tvs and just having some great quality time together as a family. Thankfully I've realized this quite a long time ago and try to thank my parents often still for what they did for us kids. :cheers:

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Quick update...my daughter drove my dad's van home for her holiday break yesterday and I have to say he's done me proud. The van is still all nice and shiny and lookin good!! Granted he did say they've been babying it and keeping it in the garage versus their other newer van :lol:

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