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If this does not bring a tear to your eye your evil


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Awww, Paul needs to change Spots environment. Make her a shop dog at least! That poor thing's gotta be going outta her mind waiting.



i AGREE but have seen how stubborn dogs can be over a lost master. If you & THE DOG bond together and then get that dog into very constant routine it is hard to break that.

Being as the shop & house is not to far from the location the dog stays in wait @ you would have to "force" the dog by shutting doors,babby gates, shock collars, etc., which would only add to the stress and confusion for the dog.

I only thing i could suggest would be for paul to work on creating a bond with spot :( or maybe call the dog whisper thats a great case for him pro bono





I have since my first b-day had a dog, always from 6weeks or sooner till their death. Most of my k9's have went everywhere with me, and i will put my friends in the bed of my truck b4 the dog! No matter the breed The bonds that not only i had but that the dogs had as well were strong and most people after seeing us would and do still comment on (my current baby 3yr old boxer).

If I stay away from home I must take my babies with our they get depressed and howl and want eat, every freakin one of them i ever had!:lolsmack:


needless to say yeeeeeeeeeee it got me teary



I only have big dogs in the past; bull mastive, rottweiler, Blu pit, husky and now a boxer

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