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Hey everyone,


I'm A.J. from Kuwait me and friends just opened our new Adam's Shop in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Hope to learn as much as I can from everyone on this forum. If your around here, and need any help or just a regular car wash please don't hesitate to ask.

Here's some pics of our shop in Kuwait as we are the official distributor over here in the Middle-East.








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Wow, impressive setup. Welcome to the Adam's world. You will learn A LOT from this forum.


Welcome to the forum.....Nice looking facility you have there.


Welcome AJ :welcomebanner:


Your shop looks fantastic! And I agree, those large Adam's signs are great.


There are lots of friendly, helpful folks on here, so don't be shy with your questions.


wow that's awesome!


Thanks guys.:patriot:


Welcome. Is the SLR yours? It looks good.


It's a friend of ours.




Welcome! There's a place on the planet that you can detail year round!


Looks like a great place.




Fantastic setup!! You're going to have a lot of happy customers!


Hope to keep everyone around here happy and satisfied with our customer service.


:welcomebanner: Abdullah! :welcomebanner:


Very nice setup! Love the large Adam's decals!:drool:


Thanks and more and better pics are on the way soon.:2thumbs:

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Awesome pics. Love your set up!! :banana:




I'm gonna have to hire you guys to makeover my garage!! :D


It's going to cost you a lot Dylan. :2thumbs:


:welcomebanner:!! Very nice setup!!


Even down to what look like soft pads on the walls to protect the doors when opened?


You got the pads right.:2thumbs:


Holy smokes! Nice setup!


I see some empty cabinets. Bet you're itchin to get stocked up!


I like the SLR.


We are waiting for the shipping company to pick everything up and get it over here. :cheers:


now that whole set up is SLICK. :welcomebanner:


Nice! When's the first detail clinic? And how do I get there?!? :2thumbs::2thumbs:


Soon. ;)


:welcomebanner: Shop looks great. :thumbsup:


ok' date=' i will work there, if ya want!!!![/quote']


Send me you resume. :thumbsup:


The shop looks great! Welcome to our little group. I know that the guys at the warehouse had a big order heading your way the other day when I stopped by. Good luck in you new business.


That would be our order. ;)


Welcome to the group!!! Very nice setup!


Thanks. :hi:

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That is amazing! I keep joking with Adam about how he should move to Iraq, where Im currently stationed. And now there is a distributor in KC. Nice choice of locations, lots of nice cars around Kuwait. Not so much in Iraq, but I have seen a lot of Iraqis washing their cars here. Good Luck to you!

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