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SSR smells like...


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mint is the scent... not sure where you'd get vics vaporub... but again all interpretation. Some people thing MSW stinks, I kind of like the smell.


While working it the smell reminds me of Andies mints... you know the little chocolate mint things they give you at some restaurants.


Those sometimes are what they leave on your pillow in Hotels. Why chocolate on a pillow, I have no clue.


BTW, I like the smell of MSW. I can't identify the scent, but I still like it. :)

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I do like the IUS. I seem to recall about a year ago there was a thread where people complained about the smell of MSW and one of the Adam's guys said it was supposed to smell like grape taffy or something like that. The may have changed it since then though. My bottle of MSW is about that old.

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can you make a sticky of every product Adam's makes and list the scent for each one?!?


catchy titles:

"The Scents of Adam's Polishes"

"What's that Smell? By Adam's Polishes"

"CAUTION! Adam's Polishes Smells like a Candy Store! DO NOT CONSUME THE POLISH!"

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