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Which Polish Removal Method Do You Use?


What method do you use?  

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  1. 1. What method do you use?

    • Layers Polish Method
    • Single Polish Method


A going through recent and old videos before my Flex gets here, I found that people go about removing and applying polishes differently....


Some apply all 2 or 3 polishes one on top of the other while others apply the single coat and remove it and then apply the next product?


So what do you use? Why do you do it? What are the pluses and down falls between the 2?

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Like some have already replied, I do both, depending on the circumstances. Voted - single - for the same reason stated previously; to check my progress.

This mostly applies to the more aggressive stuff though like the yellow to orange transition of SHR (now the green [sSR] to orange [sHR] as well). But to go from orange (SHR) to white (FMP) I'd typically layer over the top.

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Comes down to what I'm doing...


If I'm trying to define a process or monitor progress on a difficult panel I apply and remove one product at a time.


If I'm going for speed or already have an idea of what its going to take to get the desired result I go with the polishes over the top of eachother.



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