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Leather and Interior Cleaner Review



I picked this up during one of the daily specials and had a chance to try it out today. I've been very happy with the Leather Master series of products in the past so this had a lot to live up to in my mind. I decided to clean half the seat with Adam's and half with Leather Master and see which I liked better. My car has very light leather and dye from my jeans tends to transfer.


You can see how light the leather is here:




The result:


Both products performed very well but Adam's was faster and easier. It was actually shocking how fast it worked, I just sprayed on a microfiber and the blue wiped right off. The leather master yielded similar results but took more time and effort. Overall I'm incredibly impressed with the Adam's product and it's now my new go to cleaner.


Before pics:








After Adam's

50/50 Cleaned w/ Adam's (bottom) and Uncleaned (top)


Another 50/50 view


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Looks like the same leather my dad has in his E60 M5.


Looks great!


Question though... I hope you meant to say It's NOW your new go to cleaner... One letter makes a HUGE difference. lol


YES! good catch on the "not" vs "now"!


btw it's the "Oyster/Black" interior

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which leather master cleaner were you using ? Strong or Soft cleaner ? liquid or foam bottle ?


I do a BMW with the same color leather interior, and I feel you on the jean stains !!


strong cleaner in liquid bottle. Per instructions I put some into a foam applicator and squeezed until in forms a foam on the applicator and then apply that foam to the leather. Hope that helps.

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