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lol you gotta luv the tiltle..... just venting a lil



Well its not to get sympathy! It 's definitely not to get "freebies" and how dare you think that :mad: ! lol Its basically to vent, organize my thoughts with a lil feedback from you guys as to any advice ( I know some of you guys even if you not comment alot have detailing businesses) . Its also to show that with very very minimum of starting capital one can grow a decent income flowing business.



OK, so everything has been going pretty good for me lately. I had a BIG hick-up in my savings when i had to replace my transmission in my truck just a month after rebuilding my front end! But hey i can get that cash back into saving by mid dec so no biggie.

Then my boss came by today and drank a few beers with me and dropped a bombshell on me :confused: He said that he had been fighting it for about a year but has had to fail bankruptcy and that his detailing business will be closing @ the end of the month! NO JOB! UNEMPLOYED! AND TRYING TO SAVE FUNDS TO START A BUSINESS!! :willy: :willy: :willy:

Remember it approaching off season for detailers and few are hiring. So what to do? Only thing i know is detailing. So......


Place a order with Adams of course :2thumbs: Stay positive and plow forward.



Means a heck of a lot! For starters it means the majority of my savings will have to be used for cost of living expenses INSTEAD OF A 3 TO 4 MONTH NEST EGG FOR BUSINESS.. Which in turn mean major changes in how i go about accomplishing and executing my business plan.

I will be starting extremely small! I will be placing a lot of small orders spread out, instead of a few big orders to get stocked up. Most likely my local dealer, Steve@adams, will be getting more of my business sooner because of time connivance and shipping savings. I will have to focus fully on customer referrals instead of wide marketing (no mailed Fancied fliers, brochures, web page, ect.). YOU SHOULD NEVER START A BUSINESS IN IT'S OFF SEASON! LOL



Honestly, I have no clue! I have a pressure washer, a water tank, :pc: , truck, various detailing supplies such as brushes, micro fibers and such. I have a power converter but not yet gotten a generator (converter works well enough for pc and vac as a temp fix if no other source is available).


One thing i insist upon is only using Adams polishes/waxes and cleaners, I believe this will give me the Superior results which I am seeking & will spread word of mouth sales and grow business.


I said i will be starting small, indeed :( Today or on Friday i will be taking advantage of the black friday sell, as will my elves. I will be ordering the essentials car detailing kit





and the interior kit



How many details you guys think i could get out these two kits? i guessed 4 to 10?


With family support, My mother has been phone crusading and have gotten my close relatives who had already agrees to get me only Adams stuff for xmas to go ahead and do a lil shopping and i will be getting those orders soon as they arrive instead of xmas.I made a list of needed items and it was emailed to each fam. member, so it will be stuff i need. I don't figure on getting a lot, deff. getting the complete trie/undercargie kit & a few gallons of car wash shampoo and one of WW, GC & DS. thx mom! Not sure what the others will get. I will prob be going to steve after xmas, and stocking up as much as i can.


What about customers????


Indeed. well i have a few customers that will be needing service in a month and a few from chruch that are in need and waiting on me to detail their rides as soon AS I get my supplies. I will have very modest fliers and business cards and a small service menu. With Adams pads, a number one on the list, and swhr i should be able to correct anything i come into contact with from my referrals. It may not be first class or pretty but i will get going just a lil slower then i was hoping/


In lue of savings, as i was going to open with only my savings in mind, I will be revising my business plan and seeking a micro loan after the first of the year. Hopefully, if all goes well with that i will be out of the woods. IN mean time i will try to establish a cash flow and only use the revenue for the business not personal use.


I will update or add to this as i make progress......it my be slow but like the tortoise i will reach my finish line!




THX :bow: :bow:

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Sounds like you're on the right path. Lots of businesses have been started with less, and with your Adam's stuff you'll be able to do very good work. My advice is to keep in mind that your reputation is your biggest selling tool -- ask your satisfied customers for repeat business and referrals.



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Looks like you have a good supply to start with. And as your business grows, keep up with the supply so you never run out of something vital. I think, like Rich said, get your satisfied customers to spread the word. Word of mouth can be your best friend. Good luck to your new endeavor. :cheers:

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Looks like you have it mostly figured out. I will help you with getting customers. It sounds like you have a good base right now, but it sounds like you have a good relationship with your old boss. I would approach him and talk to him about what your doing. Where I am going with this is ask him for a customer list, so then you can write up a letter or something and send it to those customers. Explain the situation in the letter and that you would like to continue providing exceptional service and results to them. This is just my 2 cents. Hope it helps and if you have any questions, give me a PM.



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I appreciate all your advice guys. I always take customers satisfaction top priority. And I do have a lot of detailing experience...just a lil new to Adams Products :hi:


I have been planning this venture for while it just got speed up a lil. But all is well & I am sure things will pick up as my supplies arrive, + i been told by several birdies that my elves have been very busy gathering supplies for me.


I did beef up my order a lil to include a few extras, can't wait to see the status in my account's order history to shipped :drool: and then for it to arrive:mail:


How long you guys think it will take from warehouse to Monroe GA--- about 40miles south east of Atlanta>>>>:confused: :confused:

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Sorry to hear the bad news. Sounds like you got it somewhat figured out.


I'd watch that power converter with a PC. You may end up frying your PC.



yeah i agree bout the pc..... i got a huge convertor which handles the vac great but more then likely if i do have to pull out the pc i will either be in my garage with clients car or around an available power source (most of my customers would not mind long as you give them a price break/discount).


:pc:hey could we ever ever get a cordless PC lol that be a great Xmas


present :D


I have cordless skill saws, saw saws, drills, vacs, a lot of cordless tools why not a PC

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I think the detailing supplies you will go through (think gallons) is Car Wash, Detail Spray, Clay, All Purpose Cleaner, Carpet and Upholstery cleaner, and don't forget plenty of drying towels, and microfibers for wipe downs and wax removal. After washing, mist the wet car with Detail spray and then dry it off - it helps block water spotting, and you get the extra sparkle on the paint, all in one step.


Also, if you are doing engine details, In and Out spray for all the little stuff you can't easily get to with the SVRT, and various little cracks etc. esp. on black vehicles. I have even used In and out spray for the wheel wells (after cleaning) in a pinch.

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I have cordless skill saws, saw saws, drills, vacs, a lot of cordless tools why not a PC


With the way battery technology is advancing we may see a battery that is strong enough to work for several hours at the torque level that is needed to correct paint soon enough.

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I think the detailing supplies you will go through (think gallons) is Car Wash, Detail Spray, Clay, All Purpose Cleaner, Carpet and Upholstery cleaner, and don't forget plenty of drying towels, and microfibers for wipe downs and wax removal.



YEAH I had a plan about that ;) see i will need the 16oz bottles anyways so getting the kits takes care of that and gets product in my hands.... & mean while my Mom did place a order today for 2 gallons of wash, 1WW, 1APC & 1 DS & the Adams pads set....& I beefed up my prder a lil with extra clay and a few other things :) i want to see what my elves show up with before i order out to much so i don't get to much of one time and not enough of another.



I am blessed a lil, with a group of people around me that have been wanting me to make this venture ago for a while, My elves :)

i have 6 or so people who are placing orders this weekend for early Xmas presents & mostly will be cleaner gallons and polishes.


Is great to have people around you that believe in you enough to not let you give up on yer self. :rockon:

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