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Volume 7 DVD: Behind the Scenes

Team Adam's

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Thought you guys might enjoy a glimpse into what we're working on... more pictures coming when I have time to upload. Day one is complete... day 2 starts early tomorrow so I'm off to bed.






Ashley holding the funds to pay the pizza delivery guy and camera crew



Yet another primo location for a video shoot... volume 7 is going to be AMAZING!!



Special thanks to all the guys who came out to watch us work and contribute. :2thumbs:


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I ran the Vol 6 DVD at my booth at every show this past summer. By now I am so sick of the music! I was waiting for Steve to throw the DVD out at Fall Carlisle. I know it was wearing on him too!


Can't wait for the new DVD so I can wear that one out! Make sure the music is good!


[Cough] Slayer![Cough]

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Well... we wrapped up around 6pm last night. It was a loooooooooooong 2 days, but lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who came out either to lend a hand or to let us put them or their car on camera. All the footage (all 18+ hours of it) is in the hands of our film crew for editing... heres a couple more pictures of some eye candy at the shoot.


We all agree that this video is going to top anything we've ever done before, I'm really excited to see the finished product :willy:











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We all got a shot behind the wheel of the vette, including one of our camera guys. I made sure to give Adam a few anxiety filled seconds in the passenger seat when I rolled slow into first, then ramped up the RPM's dropped hard into second @ 30mph, punched it and walked the back end out, fishtailing down orangethorpe ave.


That vette is a blast to drive... and has no issue breaking those tires loose at almost any speed.



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