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My juke


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Part of taking off all last week was to get the house and cooking ready to have everyone over for Thanksgiving day but the other part was to get my butt in gear to finish up my jukebox. I had been working here and there since late spring on a touch screen wall mounted jukebox. Well last week, in time for the party, i finally got it 99% done enough to hang on the wall and use. The only part I haven't done yet is the marquee graphic and backlighting.


It's got a 15" ELO touchscreen, an ASUS motherboard with a P4 processor, 40GB hard drive and a 500GB external USB drive housing just over 15,000mp3s. I stuck some car speakers in and a mini motorcycle amp. It's running etouch jukebox software for the interface on windows xp.


All in all I'm pretty happy with it. The sound is pretty solid and the interface is functional and smooth. I mounted it on a couple door hinges so when necessary I can swing it out to access the back panels.


This was mancave project number two as you'll see in some of the pics I also built my own arcade. Being a lifelong gamer this was a must have. It's got over 600 arcade games on it..pretty much anything you could think of and runs mame, atari2600, nes, snes game emulators...it's quite a blast.


My man cave is pretty solid now with the juke, arcade, 60" DLP, xbox360, onkyo surround sound and a comfy lazyboy recliner couch.





She's got a lot of finger smudges on her from everyone's turkey paws on her all day. Nothing a little Adams glass cleaner cant fix :thumbsup:


Album view



Main interface listing album thumbnails by artist. It has a letter scroll bar on the right or search ability..thankfully because scrolling through over 300 artists is timely.



Here's the two toys side by side





A lifelong favorite




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Gotta say though. I thought maybe you got a new Nissan Juke when I read the title.




So did I . My buddy just bought one last week. They are actually pretty nice vehicles.............for a Nissan. :D

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Very cool Paul! How many songs with that hold?


Well the quantity is limited only by the size of the hard drive you put in it. I have a 500GB drive which has about 270GB used and have around 15,000 songs on it.


Both the arcade and the juke have what amounts to a full working computer inside of them so it's got the same performance limitations your desktop would have.


so err when r these being released for sale lol

Yea no doubt. After seeing it each of my brothers would like one built now too. I told them it'd be quite a bit more pricey as almost all of the internal parts I had on hand or got from different buddies who had parts laying around.

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what series onkyo do you have? and how do you like it

I've got the HT-R530. I picked it up with 7.1 speaker setup about 3 years ago for 250 bucks. It's been more than fine for anything I've needed it for from movies to audio at parties and gaming.



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