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Keeping it Clean - updates to policy enforcement here on AF.com

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With growth comes more traffic and with more traffic comes the need now, more than ever, to maintain our policies and procedures here. AdamsForums from its inception has focused on keeping a family friendly and respectful atmosphere. A place where you're free to have fun discuss detailing, cars, or anything baring it doesn't include or feature material that is of a potentially offensive or inflammatory in nature.


How do you know whats OK to post? Simple - if you were sitting down to dinner with Adam, his lovely wife, and their 2 young kids would what you're about to post be considered appropriate conversation? If not its best not posted to the forum. We're not asking you to leave your personality at the door, simply that you refrain from posting anything that includes excessive cursing, violence, gore, sex, nudity, or anything of an obscene, illegal, or offensive nature.


As a reminder:


The main focus of AdamsForums.comis to be a place where car care enthusiasts can come to discuss their passion thus explicit, obscene or vulgar language, graphics, X-rated GIFs, JPEGs or other graphic files are NOT appropriate. This includes picture and graphic files in signatures or avatars as well as language featured in videos. Posts in all forums that contain any of these will not be tolerated and will be moved or deleted without notice! Repeated or intentional posting of these types of material will be subject to immediate ban at the discretion of the moderating team. If you are ever in doubt as to whether the post you are about to make could violate this rule its probably best you don't post it or contact a moderator privately to ask first.


Additionally, posts about religion, politics, and/or controversial issues are strongly discouraged. Topics of an inflammatory nature can lead to bigger problems and we ask that you keep your political and religious views out of the forum. The forum is comprised of people from varied social, economic, religious, and political backgrounds lets celebrate these differences by leaving them out of discussions and ensuring no one is offended.


The forum staff also encourages members to help enforce the rules and keep this the best place on the web to discuss your passion for detailing. If a clear violation of any of our forum policies is posted please utilize the "report a post" button located directly to the left of each response, indicated with this symbol: report.gif



Due to a sudden increase in posts of this nature and a rise in trolling by some members with an agenda to cause problems here in our quiet little forum the moderation staff has had to spend a larger than normal amount of their time cleaning up. To this point there was no documented warnings and no clear way to discourage violations. As such the moderation staff has decided to implement a policy which will grant a limited number of warnings before suspension of posting privileges. For each offending post an infraction will be issued - infractions do not expire.


  • Infraction 1: Warning
  • Infraction 2: Warning
  • Infraction 3: Warning with 3 day posting suspension
  • Infraction 4: 1 month posting suspension
  • Infraction 5: Permanent suspension


Based on the severity of infractions the moderation team may, at their discretion issue multiple infractions for one offense. These instances will be discussed by the team and be generally reserved for blatant attempts to violate the rules, incite problems, or posts clearly intended to disrupt or undermine the forums activities.


We thank you for your understanding and want you to know that we only have recently decided to enact this system in response to the increased need for moderation and supervision on the forums. By keeping a fair, clear, and documented system everyone will be on the same page in addition to serving as motivation to put more thought into posting something offensive or disrespectful before just clicking the submit button.


If you have any questions or concerns about the new infraction policy please feel free to contact myself or any member of the moderation team.

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I guess I missed all the fuss but I feel the infraction system works on other forums so it should be fine here.


Thanks to the very swift work of the mod team many issues are squelched before most of the forum sees them.


Our team is great and keep an eye out for the stuff that would drag the forum down. Its not like a lot of them are posted with ill intent... some are just cases of new members not understanding or people not taking the time to think before hitting submit. Thats why we're going with 2 warnings before any consequences.... giving people the benefit of the doubt that most times its just honest mistakes.

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I know I just got "bleeped" for using an inappropriate reference to a baby's behind. :lolsmack:Thanks for the warning!


The *****


are automatic. We don't do that. Heck I still get caught sometimes because it's pretty strict. :)


Our biggest concern are the pictures and videos that may get posted.


Many of us have kids, and many of those kids want to see what mom or dad is doing and may look over our shoulder from time to time. My 10 week old isn't quite to that point yet, but I'd be pretty unhappy if when he got older he saw something here that he shouldn't.:(


Anyway... I'd say 99.9% of you are great! If you do mess up and we warn you, please understand that we're just enforcing the rules. We mean no malice and don't take ANY joy in having to do it. However when it gets to the point, some of us DO take joy in banning people... lol :jester:




Thanks all!



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Thanks Dylan, but I think 5 warnings is too much! We all SHOULD be smart enough to be told once and not have to be reminded again. I think 3 strikes your out is better!! I know the people on here that really like it don't need two warnings.


Thanks again for posting this!!


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Well, really theres only 2 warnings before consequences.


Figured first one could be a "i didn't know" for a new member, but the second is a "hey last chance" before suspension. Come back and behave yer good, violate again, you get 1 month to appreciate what you're missing. Come back again and blow it yer gone for good.


I have a pretty firm belief that most people here are good guys so I don't think we'll be getting past the initial 1 or 2 very often.


This is more about documenting each step and making it fair than anything else.

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Another good rule for posting, if you have to think whether you should say it or not.... Best not to say it.


That's what I tell teachers at work when they get nasty emails from another teacher or parents.


I like these new updates. I have noticed a slight increase in questionable posts lately, they do go away quickly but I am on here all the time so I catch most things before there is time to delete them.


I know a thread I was involved in about a week ago ended in two very respectable people arguing with a new member who just wanted to fight... He got banned :2thumbs:


I know I just got "bleeped" for using an inappropriate reference to a baby's behind. :lolsmack:Thanks for the warning!


Somethings get *'ed when they aren't even bad. Like ****tail or ****roach. :willy:

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"A" banning? I did a dozen in one day on a paintball forum I used to mod.....LOL



Seriously though, along with great advice and ideas, the main reason I like it here is adult as opposed to "adult" atmosphere. I can come here and KNOW there won't be a post sure to raise my blood pressure....:D

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Good rules, ones that everyone should be able to live with. One of my aviation forums has really gone down hill in the past few weeks. This one is so much more fun!!


Good job to all those unpaid moderators :2thumbs::2thumbs:


thank YOU, sir (and all the other great AF members). :thumbsup:

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