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Adam's Ultimate Fire Hose Nozzle & Shut Off Valve


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Fire Hose Nozzle - $49.95

Shut Off Valve - $19.95

Or Get Both for Just - $64.95





Precision machined from a solid chunk of high quality 6061 T6 aluminum, then hard coated for corrosion resistance the Adam's Ultimate Fire Hose Nozzle will blow you away as its high pressure spray patterns blow dirt and soap effortlessly from your finish.


Featuring a flow rate of over 5 gallons per minute at just 40psi this is one powerful nozzle when you need it to be, but the spray can be adjusted to a wide fan for more delicate use. In a tight stream the pressure generated completely outpaces anything offered by our competitors, and with the solid aluminum construction and sidewalls 3/8" thick it will withstand years of use without ever getting bent, cracked, or damaged. This very well may be the last fire hose nozzle you ever buy!


The massive rubberized bumper and precision machined crosshatch milling makes sure it won't slip from your grip when things get soapy. We 110% guarantee that this nozzle will impress you just as much as it impresses us!!



Sometimes its just about having the little things to make life easier, this is one of those things. If you're washing your car using a 50ft hose chances are the shut off is a good distance from where you're working. Adding a high quality shut-off valve to the end of the hose will allow you to control the water from where you're at, not where it starts!


Switching from one hose attachment to another? Simply flip the valve to off, swap attachments, and proceed without having to go anywhere.


Done hosing the car off? Conserve water and shut the flow off while you soap up the paint.


Don't want to search for the perfect setting on your fire hose nozzle each time? Use the valve to shut the water off instead of the twist action of the nozzle, that way each time you turn the valve on, the nozzle is set exactly how you want it!


100% high quality brass construction and made here, right in the USA, this is the alternative to the cheap, imported plastic shut off valves, sold at the big chain stores. 110% guaranteed to be the highest quality shut off valve you'll ever use!

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I shot a quick video of the new fire hose nozzle for anyone on the fence.

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I had a cheap Chinese one years ago that I liked because it shut itself off but what a P.O.S. otherwise... The spray pattern SUCKED... I just popped for the nozzle and valve on the holiday sale.


Thanks guys for offering up a great sale!



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May I recommend or beg or plead for people that have these now, to go to the store and leave a review? Of course if you don't like it, please keep your comments to yourself... :mad:


Just kidding... Who won't like it? Tell me and I'll point and laugh... :jester:


Also need this done for the new pads, and SSR.




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I have used my Adams Fire Hose nozzle now about 4 times.

There is no real comparison to what I was using prior to this.

The nozzle is so well made allowing it to keep its position much better when setting it down in between use. The pressure it will create combined with the excellent spray patterns make you want to use this for anything requiring water. It is equally adept at washing your vehicle, cleaning your driveway or watering the plants.


The price of the Adam's nozzle is really about spot-on considering the insane build quality. This is one item that should last for a long, long time.



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