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New Adams Addict from Southern Oregon


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Hi Everybody


I am a new Adams Addict from Oregon:rockon:. I am a member of many other forums, I have heard so many people talk about Adams that I had to do som reasearch. After looking a before and after pics, videos and reading many reviews I have decided to Switch to Adams. I recently purchased a few hand polishes, and waxes as well as a few cleaning suplies. I plan On going half and Half on a large PC kit with my father very soon, and Im excited what Adams can do for me

Here are a couple pics of my rides

My Silverado SS (its in need of a really good polish and wax job):pc:




Here is a picture of my Dads Chevelle, he got it brand new the day he turned 16 and still has it. It may be his officially but i have done most of the restoration work on it and I will be the one shining it up nice this year


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welcome! Nice Silverado SS, but I'll take the Tahoe you have there..


Thanks. Thats my moms 07 Tahoe and I really not a big fan, I like my 03 tahoe so much more



Your truck seems to be in good shape...But with Adams it will look GREAT!


Yeah its not too bad, those are old pictures, the first 2 were taken early in 08 and the last early in 09. 2 years in the Arizona Sun did a little damage and there are no w few swirl and haze marks, the paint just does not pop like it use to. Hopefully Adams can help me out

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really? I havent driven one yet, but I love the new body..


They are good looking and the extra 20hp over my 03 is nice, but to me it seems extra top heavy, the seats are uncomfortable and since it has the active fuel management when you go down hill with the cruise control set it continues to accelerate. I think its because it is still running in 4 cylinder mode and lacks the compression to slow the heavy Tahoe down. But besides that it has some nice options and features. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

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