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G8 Got Lotsa TLC

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With great weather yesterday and Adam's products stocked up, my G8 was washed, clayed, and polished using Revive, Americana, and BG. I had a lot of contamination on the lower half of the sides and rear leaving little rust spots which took a long time and a lot of effort to remove. AJ's post on tackling these is spot on. After that it was smooth sailing. First time using Americana and BG and the shine is so deep you can almost dive into it. Now I just want to sit and drool at it. :drool:


My wife has the camera at work showing off our daughter's senior banquet pics, and I know :worth:


Sooooo, I'll post pics tonight after I get the camera back.



OK OK I hear you!!!!! Here is a quick pic I snapped with my wife's Torrent as the reflection, but I have to leave for my son's baseball game. More later - I promise.




Whew - this photo thing is hard work. Glad I have teenagers around!








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I have 4 digital cameras at home and three phone cameras... lol I can't be helped...


Ohhhhhh to own a Silver G8... I regret the black... For a DD and parking here at work, I'll never make the mistake again...



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